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How American Standard Is Changing the Touchless Game

It goes without saying that over the past two years touchless technology is the way of the

future. Yes, touchless tech has been around for years but not the way we have seen it grow most recently in home renovations.

American Standard is a brand that is committed to creating innovative products that provide easy ways to keep your family safe. Noticing the need for hygienic solutions in the home, they took the same touchless technology that you would have seen in commercial buildings and added a beautiful modern flair to bring it into your personal bathroom and kitchen. I'm going to break down what we installed in our own homes to help cut down the spread of germs, and if you have young kids, you will understand why American Standard’s touchless technology is a necessity for families.

Touchless in the Bathroom

Speaking of young kids, do your kids remember to flush the toilet, or is it just our absentminded children? No matter how many times you mention it, they always seem to forget. So we decided to install the Studio® Touchless Toilet by American Standard. Yup, you read that right – a touchless toilet. It comes with a compact, 2-1⁄2 in. sensor module that can be installed on the wall within 3 feet of the toilet or on top of the toilet tank. To activate the touchless flush, simply position your hand within 1-1⁄2 in. over the sensor face and hold it there for approximately two seconds to trigger a powerful flush. The toilet also has ultra-low consumption and uses 20% less water than a regular toilet without sacrificing performance.

By installing this toilet, we gave our children the ability to perform a magic trick every time they use the washroom. This is how you make flushing fun again, I can literally hear them giggle as they wave their hand and say the magic word to make it all disappear. In return, we have a cleaner toilet and happier kids. On top of this touchless magic, the Studio® Touchless Toilet has a modern and concealed base which makes cleaning simple.

We installed the same toilet at Joey’s house and his family absolutely loves it. His wife uses the basement as an office to see her clients for speech pathology, so having the Studio® Touchless Toilet installed allows for a much more sanitary and safe space for her clients to use.

Now, you may be wondering what happens if the sensor runs out of battery? Well, the batteries should last one year, based on 12 flushes per day, but just in case, it has a manual flush option. Simply push and hold the actuator button for approximately two seconds and there you have it, crisis averted.

Touchless in the Kitchen

Now let's move to the kitchen, where all the meal prep happens and sticky messes are made. If you are cooking, washing dishes or cleaning up the latest spill, we have all attempted to turn

on the faucet with our elbows, head, or chin – which is never an ideal situation. So we decided to install the Beale® Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet by American Standard and it is truly a game changer.

This faucet is innovation at its finest. Featuring a sleek, contemporary design with their Selectronic® hands free technology, a simple wave of the hand turns the Beale® faucet on and off for ultimate convenience in the kitchen. It also has a sliding sensor door to select manual mode when needed, and once you turn it on you can choose between two task-driven spray patterns. One of our favorite features is the pause button to stop the flow temporarily, saving time and water (win-win). The pull-down faucet spray head lets you handle your kitchen responsibilities with ease and the Re-Trax® retraction system works together to provide smooth operation and functionality.

This faucet has made life in the kitchen so much easier and we haven’t even gotten to our

favorite cooking season yet – summer! Looks like I’ll no longer need to yell at someone to turn on the faucet for me when making our family’s famous homemade burgers.

Let us warn you though, all of this touchless technology is a lot of fun and you might catch yourself playing with it, which is perfectly okay! To learn more about these game changing touchless fixtures, visit the links provided below. Happy hand waving!

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