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Bringing the fun to your backyard this summer – DIY Golf Game

This post was sponsored by Home Hardware. Home Hardware generously donated the materials used in today's post. Our opinions are our own.

If you are a golf lover like us, you’ve probably spent all winter watching instructional videos, trying to pick up that next tip that will change your game and give you an edge over your buddies.

You may be dreaming of crushing a drive like Bryson DeChambeau or hitting a smooth, long iron like Justin Thomas. Heck, you have likely practiced your club twirl a million times. Though all those things are important, the biggest key to lowering your score is in the short game. Being able to chip yourself to within a couple feet to save par, or in my case double bogey, is what you need to focus on.

You may have seen this golf game around the internet and I’m sure you could buy it online, but where is the fun in that? We partnered with Home Hardware and secured all of the materials we needed to create our own golf game. Our local Home Hardware Building Centre had everything to complete this project from start to finish.

Your goal is to create two of the same boards so that you can set them apart from each other and go back and forth with a friend. This is essentially “Corn-hole Golf”.

Trust us, it’s easier than you think and will leave your friends in awe of your skills at both building and golfing.

Tools you will need:

Materials you will need:

How To:

  • First, you will want to lay out your Rymargrass Artificial Turf Tiles to find the size you would like. We created a 2’x3’ tile grid for our game. The turf can come in different lengths of grass so make sure to select the one you want. We went with a longer grass blade so that you don’t have balls bouncing high off the board.

  • With your turf tiles laid out, you will transfer that measurement over to your 3/4” plywood. This will be the base to attach the tiles to.

  • Cut your plywood to size and then plan out where you want the circles on your board. These will be what you are trying to sink your golf balls into. Because our golf game isn’t so dialed in, we went with 5 holes. We have one 6" hole in the center and four 4” holes towards the corners. When you are playing you can attribute different points to each hole.

  • Cut these holes out using a jigsaw or hole saw. If you are using a jigsaw, make sure to drill a pilot hole to get started.

  • Trace holes onto your turf tiles with spray paint so everything is lined up perfectly. We attached our turf to the plywood with 1-1/4” exterior screws so that it doesn’t move around.

  • Prop the board up on an angle with another piece of plywood and attach an exterior hinge to that you can easily fold it away for storage. But, let’s remember we want to impress our friends and the first rule of golf is “look good, play good” so let’s dress this game up for a night on the town.

  • With the 3/4” plywood, rip it into 1-1/2” strips on your table saw. Next, give them a light sand and stain them with your favourite stain colour. Home Hardware Building Centres have you covered with a stain collection that will leave you standing there for hours trying to make up your mind. There is no need to over complicate the staining process. just get it on the plywood with a sponge brush or rag and wipe off the excess. Finally, you can use these strips to trim out your game board and leave your friends in shock and awe.

  • For the launch pad, repeat the first steps and create a pad as big as you like. We used two of the turf tiles to create a 1’x2’ rectangle. Then, cut the ¾ plywood to fit, fasten it to the plywood and add the trim.

  • Warning: be prepared to start taking orders from friends and family because once they see it, everybody is going to want one.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to not only mastering your golf game, but also making some great memories with friends.

Visit to find your local store and get additional backyard project ideas.

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