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Backyard DIY – How to Build a Pergola in One Hour

This post was sponsored by Home Hardware. Home Hardware generously donated the materials used in today's post. Our opinions are our own.

If you’ve been counting down the days to warmer weather, you’re not alone. After spending the winter months cooped up inside, it’s time to give your outdoor space some love so you can enjoy it.

When you think of the interior of your house, you have defined spaces, like the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. Even with open concept homes, each area has a purpose, and your outdoor space should be no different.

Creating different zones will allow for traffic flow and give your space more purpose. Having an overhead pergola is a great way to achieve this. It can provide privacy, shade, and make the area feel cozier for lounging or dining. A pergola might seem like a difficult DIY, depending on your skills, but the Toja Grid system has really made it easy.

We partnered with Home Hardware to show you how to build a Toja Grid pergola. Our local Home Hardware Building Centre always has the best quality and largest mix of building materials on hand to complete any project, big or small.

Tools you will need:

  • Drill

  • That’s it—just a drill

  • Like really, it’s that simple

  • Okay, you could even do it all with a screwdriver, but that’s crazy talk!

Materials you will need:

Let’s do this!

  • First, use your skills in manipulation to convince a family member to help you as this is not a solo project. If you are really good and can convince two people to help out, then you can sit back and play the role of “project manager”.

  • The Toja Grid kit comes with 4 “solo” brackets and 4 “trio” brackets. Start by sliding your posts into the “trio” brackets and fasting them into place with the provided screws. Basically, you are building the top on the ground to make life easier. With all four sides fastened into the brackets, lay out the shade sail on the ground inside your frame.

  • Fasten the provided corner and side brackets to attach the shade sail. Now, tilt one side of the frame up so you can slide your vertical post into the remaining spot of the “trio” bracket.

  • Repeat this step for all four sides and BOOM, you have yourself a pergola.

  • A few tips: You will want to make sure you set it on a level area and secure the bottom “solo” brackets to your deck or patio. If you live outside a city and experience high winds, you will really need to make sure it is secure, so a windstorm doesn’t send it flying.

This system comes with many different configurations to fit any outdoor space, so get creative and have fun.

Finally, you are ready to dress your space with a beautiful and durable patio or lounge set. Home Hardware stores have a great variety of outdoor furniture to dress this space. I highly recommend adding a fire table, so you keep warm and stretch the seasons.

Cheers to your new outdoor space and hopefully being able to host parties again in the near future!

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