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How to DIY your bathroom vanity on a (very small) budget

January 24, 2018



My wife and I set out to renovate our powder room over the holidays. We decided to do it as a Christmas present to each other because ours was in rough shape and needed an update, badly! We were working on a pretty small budget for this project and one of the big costs that usually adds up in any bathroom reno is the vanity. They can range anywhere from $300 to $3000 dollars depending on the size and how complex you get with them.

Seeing as we didn’t have it in the budget, we decided to do a little DIY on an old vanity to get the colour and finish we wanted. So, my wife went online and found a vanity someone was trying to get rid of for $80. I went to take a look at it and ended up talking them down to $40 because it was in pretty rough shape. After a bunch of back and forth, they gave in and sold it for the $40!

The vanity was scratched all over and had a Thermofoil finish which means that it had a laminate finish on top of it that had been glued on. So, I needed to strip off that finish in order to get the nice navy finish we wanted.